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Workshops & Individual Teaching

Loren has been a teacher in North America and Europe since the early 1980's. Her work emphasizes interconnection, compassion, and awareness. 




Two types of workshops are available:


  • Teachings oriented to practitioners of meditation and related paths


  • Teachings oriented to practitioners of shamanic or altered-states paths


In both types of workshops the intention is to explore consciousness itself, not promote any system of belief or practice. To peel away assumptions about spirituality and look directly at the experience of awareness. Both are offered as one or two-day intensive sessions.


Individual Teaching & Consultation


In addition to workshops, Loren offers individual consultations and on-going one-on-one study.

To inquire about individual teaching or consultation, please visit the Contact page or write to Loren at:


Loren Cruden

P.O. Box 218

Orient, WA 99160


For information about the benefits of being a workshop sponsor, click here.

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