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Workshop Sponsorship

Thanks for your interest in sponsoring a workshop by Loren Cruden. The information here will give you some idea of what is involved.


Sponsor’s Guidelines for Workshops


What a sponsor needs to arrange:


  1. A suitable workshop venue. Anything from a living room to a retreat center, as long as the space is quiet, comfortable, has toilet access, and is large enough for the number of participants (typical recommended range is from 6 – 30 people).


  1. A confirmed list of participants. Unless the workshop is in Loren’s local area, fee deposits should be collected to confirm registration and pay for Loren’s travel.


  1. Travel arrangements. The sponsor coordinates with Loren in booking flights or making other travel arrangements.


  1. Sleeping and meal accommodations. As with travel, the sponsor coordinates with Loren about the basic logistics of her stay.


  1. Private sessions. The sponsor sets up one-hour appointments for anyone wanting to book a private consultation with Loren.




The sponsor can attend the workshop for free and is responsible for collecting deposits, attendance fees and expense receipts. This money needs to cover costs such as Loren’s travel, food, venue, and so on, and also her teaching time. Any money the workshop generates beyond these expenses (not including merchandise sales and private consultations) can be split between Loren and the workshop sponsor.


Suggested workshop fee: depending on travel distance for Loren, and the number of participants, $50 - $100 / person / day. For individual one-hour consultations, $30 - $80 sliding scale.


Thank you for your interest. If you want to sponsor a one or two-day workshop, or have questions, visit the Contact page or write to Loren at:


Loren Cruden

P.O. Box 218

Orient, WA 99160 

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